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Who can participate?:

We do not allow teens under the age of 13. This teen gay site is only intended for teenagers who are at least 13 years old and not more than 19 years old.

Cookies, external links and ads

We do not use cookies. We do however run ads from Google and third party ad companies. These ads may contain cookies for tracking purposes only to help them display ads that might be of interest to you. These cookies can not be used to personally identify you.

We link to external sites from our site. We are in no way responsible for the privacy practice of those external sites. If you have concerns, you may wish to send the webmaster of those sites and inquire about their privacy policy.


We do not allow children under the age of 13 to chat here. We will ban anyone we find who is not at least 13 years old.

Information Collected:

We never collect any information for you to chat on this website. All our chat rooms are free and you never need to register to chat in them.

We do log your IP address in a server when you enter and visit this site. This information is never shared with anyone else and its deleted automatically after some time.


Feel free to write to us at admin (@) and we will answer any question you may have.

When you write to us you will need to provide an email address so that we can respond back to you. We never share your email with anyone else and we will never contact you about any products or services. We will only use it to respond to your concerns.